For the past six years, Peak Performance Hockey has conducted the annual ratings for Twin City Youth Hockey.  Ratings are completed in the early spring to help determine and rate the players for the following season.


These ratings are used as a review of the players' skill set. "Peak Performance's rating system allows Twin City Youth Hockey to get a quick, unbiased opinion of their players," Peak Performance co-owner Kevin Lizotte said.


These ratings, along with input from the prior seasons' coaches and next seasons' coaches, determine the team the player will play on."All of the raters are current and former high school or college coaches. They know how to evaluate player skills," Lizotte said.


The ratings are broken down in two major categories: game performance and individual skills.Individual skills include: edges, stop, start, turn & transition; forward skating (speed and balance); backward skating (speed and balance); puck control & passing; and shooting.Hockey sense and position rating, and game performance rating are keys under the game performance category.